December 20, 2018

Constitutional Matters

  • Business Reputation Damaged by Defamation – Can a Lawyer Help? 
  • Defamation is a severely harmful problem for businesses that can lead to a loss of income and profits, a negative reputation and the potential ruin of the company because of what a person or another entity spreads about the business. Commercial enterprises work diligently to build a positive reputation in the community, and defamation can severely impact that.
  • Homophobic Slurs Made by Co-Workers – Is the Employer Required to Discipline the Offenders? In many states, when a co-worker utters a homophobic slur, he or she will face disciplinary action by a supervisor, manager or the Human Resources department professionals for the offense. Unfortunately, there are many other states that lack the same rights for the LGBTQ community employees when working hostile environments in companies.
  • Evidence of Child Abuse May Be Student Comments Made to Teachers Says U.S. Supreme Court Decision.Statements given to teachers by students can lead to a court case of child abuse by adults and parents as explained by the decision of the Supreme Court. When the youth confides in a teacher about abuse and violence at home, this can support the claim of child abuse and help in prosecuting a parent or other adult for this type of activity.
  • Equal Rights in Same Sex Marriage and Divorce.When two same-sex spouses cannot resolve the conflict within the marriage, it can lead to divorce, but the spouses may not encounter equal rights depending on both the state and the issue that arises during the divorce process. It is important to come to an agreement before proceeding through a divorce to help alleviate the possible consequences the state may impose.
  • Small Businesses Are Often a Target for Hackers.Hackers will often use cyber attacks on smaller businesses because there is less sophistication in the cybersecurity of the company and computer system along with a greater ease for hackers to take information or financial resources. The small business owners must remain aware of these attempts to have a chance of warding off several types of hackers.
  • Recording Police Officers in Florida – Is It Legal? .For legal recording to any person in the state of Florida, the recording individual must have consent for all parties before doing so is within the state even though there are 38 other states that permit this action without consent. Because the person needs permission, he or she cannot record others without this consent and legally accomplish this action.
  • LGBTQ Rights May Become a Test Case before the U.S. Court.A transgender woman who was fired from her job as a Michigan funeral home director may become the poster person for transgender rights, if the Supreme Court decides to hear the case involving her alleged wrongful termination. She still lives with the wife she had married when she considered herself a man.
  • Reasonable Suspicion and Probable Cause Defined.Reasonable Suspicion and Probable Cause are two of the three most important Burdens of Proof that the government has to meet in issues involving your civil rights (the other being, beyond a reasonable doubt.) This article explains how reasonable suspicion and probable cause differ.
  • Stop and Frisk Law in New York – How Can It Affect My Case?The stop and frisk laws are in contention because of privacy and rights against discrimination in various cities in the state of New York, and this has led to the ban of the activities by police officers. The courts viewed these actions as unconstitutional per the equal protections granted under the Fourteenth Amendment.
  • Can a Cop Search My Vehicle if I Was Stopped for a Broken Taillight? .Police officers usually stop a person for violations of moving and traffic laws, and this generally does not extend to a search of the vehicle unless the officer has reasonable suspicion that the car is in violation of another law as well. Probable cause that a crime is in effect is sufficient to search the vehicle even if the cop only stopped the driver for a broken taillight.